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Try A Surf Weekend

A surf weekend is a great break for busy people.
A satisfying way to get an extra trip or two.
Only one or two days away from work.

A real holiday. Concentrated surfing - a surf weekend that makes you feel as if you've had a week away.

We deal with all the hassle and difficulties of flights, transfers, finding accommodation, surfing lessons, boards, wetsuits and insurance.

It's easy. You take a scheduled flight in the afternoon to Biarritz Airport, we meet you there and supply you with your hire car or transfer you direct to you accommodation depending on your choice. The airport is ten minutes from the town centre and beaches.

Any equipment needs will be arranged so no time is lost on the water - evening surfing commences as soon as possible after the plane lands.

For beginners we will organise a surfing lessons programme to get you up and surfing as quickly as possible.

For more advanced surfers, we can organise the weekend around your needs - lessons to advance your surfing or simply analysing your level and advising you on the best beaches for your style or accompanying you to the best spots.

At the end of your stay we ensure the smoothest possible finish to your surf weekend and transfer to the airport, maximising your time on the water.

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