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Surfing Lessons programme

Surfing can be intimidating from the outside and entry into the sport is not always easy. Surfing has a mystique of its own surrounded by elements of hidden danger.

At Surf Breaks we make the whole process of learning to surf easy with our surfing lessons programme.

First of all call us and we'll explain why you should start at all.

Once you have made the decision we explain things simply and supply you with the right equipment.

We will take you to the beaches which are best suited for beginners and supply you with instructors who will teach you the necessary techniques to become a competent surfer as quickly and safely as possible.

Our surfing lessons are restricted to six people to one highly qualified instructor (exams have to be taken in France to become an instructor).

We will also introduce you to the 'world of surfing' - the unwritten etiquette and the knowledge surrounding different surf spots, waves, tides and weather.

A typical surfing lessons programme for a beginner would be as follows:

Day 1: Standing up on your board on a small white water wave.

  • Introduction to your equipment (from choosing your board to waxing it).
  • Security and safety recommendations.
  • Explanations on the sand: how to catch a wave, paddle, control your board...and learn to fall (WIPE OUT!!!)
  • Catch your first wave!

Day 2: Take off on a real wave

  • Improving on day one. We work on your body posture on the board; the feet position...aiming to increase your stability on the wave to generate speed and ride longer on waves.

Day 3: A direction on a wave; outside and inside zone.

  • Quick recap of the first days.
  • Focusing on the wave.
  • Focusing on the spot in general and the waves you are going to ride.
  • How to paddle efficiently to catch an "unbroken" wave.
  • Learning direction on a wave - frontside and backside approach.
  • Your first turns.

Day 4: Are you ready to be the next World champion???

  • Improving your awareness; choosing a good wave.
  • The shortboard approach.
  • Surfing etiquette
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